7 - days intensive training:  15th of July - 21st of July 2019


The 7-days training “Physical Summer” is supposed to convey technical and artistical knowledge and skills for physical theatre.

Topics will be:

Corporeal mime, pantomime, dramatic play and mask theatre.


The different units are built on one another – with the goal to gain more freedom, awareness and expression in performance. During the “Physical Summer” you will get to know the basics of the strong technique of corporeal mime, this will support and develop your physical abilities. 

Complemented will be this programme with teaching units after Jacques Lecoq – to increase the free playing, scenic understanding and your possibilities to develop your own ideas on stage.


This workshop is intended for those who wish to cultivate skills in physical theatre, who want to improve their experience in physical play, body language, presence, mime and mask play.

For people who are interested in “Physical Studies” (1 year extra qualification on the job) or “Physical Profession” (2 year fulltime diploma programme in physical theatre) this 4-days workshop is a perfect opportunity to get to know the MimeCenter and our work. Lessons are conducted in German and English!


Open to all levels!



Monday, 15th of July  - Sunday,  21st of July 2019

Monday to Saturday 10am - 5 pm (break in-between),

Sunday 10 am -  1 pm



Nicoletta Dahlke and Benny Becker




€ 315,-  (€295,- early bird by registration and payment before 30st of Juin 2019)



Please fill out the registration form and send it to our office:

MimeCenter Office, Wachtelweg 1c, 50829 Cologne, Germany


Afterwards we will confirm your registration by mail.


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info(at)  or by phone   0049 / 221 / 7882501



12.10.19 Kennenlern-Workshop /

              Aufnahme - Workshop

14./15.09.19 Workshop Mime /                            Physical Theatre

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In "PHYSICAL THEATRE BASICS + STUDIES" taucht Ihr 10 Monate lang intensiv in die Welt des Physical Theatre ein...Start: 25.10.2019 !

Mehr Infos hier!


MIME/PHYSICAL THEATRE - von klassisch bis modern

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PHYSICAL STUDIES - Berufsbegleitende Zusatz-qualifikation "Physical Theatre"! Nächster Start: Oktober 2019! Infos hier!



Sie sind neugierig? Sie möchten mehr über uns und unser Angebot erfahren?

Dann kommen Sie zu unserem nächsten Kennenlern - Workshop!

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7-tägiger Intensiv-Workshop!

15.7. - 21.7.2019

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12th of October 2019:

"Try and Decide" - Workshop!

Get to know us and our education programm! We will do some bodywork, mime technique and improvisation. Come and join us!

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