MimeCenter Cologne

The MimeCenter Cologne is a school for mime and physical theatre. We are an international school - that means we are open for people from all over the world.

We also do speak English and French!

The MimeCenter is based in Cologne - in the middle of Germany.


The School of Mime & Physical Theatre offers a full time professional training specially designed for people wishing to prepare for a career as a working artist, performer und creator in mime. We do offer a two year professional diploma programme and a 3rd year of specialisation in directing and teaching.

If the student has finished our education programme successfully, he (or she) will do have a diploma in mime / physical theatre, pedagocial skills and his (or her) own show.


Besides the full-time education "Physical Profession" we do offer:


- "Physical Studies" - extra qualification on the job

- "Physical classes" - evening classes

- "Physical Summer" - 1 week workshop

-  weekend workshops in mime, physical theatre, mask work, ...



If you are interested in physical theatre and our programme,

please don´t hesitate to contact us for further informations!



INFORMATIONS:   info(at)mimecenter.de  or call  +49 / 221 / 788 25 01


Please send your application form to our office:

MimeCenter Köln, Wachtelweg 1c, 50829 Köln, Germany


Liebe SchülerInnen, liebe InteressentInnen!

Auch wir leider aufgrund der aktuellen behördlichen Maßnahmen pausieren. Lediglich unser ABendkurs läuft online weiter. Bei Interesse an unserem Angebot, meldet Euch gerne bei uns - sobald die Situation es wieder zulässt, starten wir auch wieder in Präsenz! Übrigens in unseren neuen Räumen in der Mozartstrasse 18!

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Bleibt gesund!


tt.mm.jj Kennenlern-Workshop /

              Aufnahme - Workshop

tt.mm.jj Workshop Mime /                                             Physical Theatre

Infos hier



In "PHYSICAL THEATRE BASICS + STUDIES" taucht Ihr 10 Monate lang intensiv in die Welt des Physical Theatre ein...Start: Oktober 2021 ?

Mehr Infos hier!

PHYSICAL STUDIES - Berufsbegleitende Zusatz-qualifikation "Physical Theatre"! Nächster Start: Oktober 2021? Infos hier!


MIME/PHYSICAL THEATRE - von klassisch bis modern

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Sie sind neugierig? Sie möchten mehr über uns und unser Angebot erfahren?

Dann kommen Sie zu unserem nächsten Kennenlern - Workshop!

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7-tägiger Intensiv-Workshop!

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"Try and Decide" - Workshop!

Get to know us and our education programm! We will do some bodywork, mime technique and improvisation. Come and join us!

More informations here!