MimeCenter Cologne

The MimeCenter Cologne is a school for mime and physical theatre. We are an international school - that means we are open for people from all over the world.

We also do speak English and French!

The MimeCenter is based in Cologne - in the middle of Germany.


The School of Mime & Physical Theatre offers a full time professional training specially designed for people wishing to prepare for a career as a working artist, performer und creator in mime. We do offer a two year professional diploma programme and a 3rd year of specialisation in directing and teaching.

If the student has finished our education programme successfully, he (or she) will do have a diploma in mime / physical theatre, pedagocial skills and his (or her) own show.


Besides the full-time education "Physical Profession" we do offer:


- "Physical Studies" - extra qualification on the job

- "Physical classes" - evening classes

- "Physical Summer" - 1 week workshop

-  weekend workshops in mime, physical theatre, mask work, ...



If you are interested in physical theatre and our programme,

please don´t hesitate to contact us for further informations!


INFORMATIONS:   info(at)mimecenter.de  or call  +49 / 221 / 788 25 01

Please send your application form to our office:

MimeCenter Köln, Wachtelweg 1c, 50829 Köln, Germany



24.06.18 Kennenlern-Workshop /

              Aufnahme - Workshop

02.09.18 Kennenlern-Workshop /

              Aufnahme - Workshop

Infos hier


4-tägiger Intensiv-Workshop!

16.7. - 19.7.2018

Infos hier!

24th of Juin 2018 + 2nd of September 2018:

"Try and Decide" - Workshop!

Get to know us and our education programm! We will do some bodywork, mime technique and improvisation. Come and join us!

More informations here!



Mehr Infos hier!

PHYSICAL STUDIES - Berufsbegleitende Zusatz- qualifikation "Physical Theatre"! Nächster Start: Oktober 2018! Infos hier!



"Physical Theatre" 

(Nächster Start 1.10.2018)


Infos zur Ausbildung hier!

24.06. + 02.09.18:


Sie sind neugierig? Sie möchten mehr über uns und unser Angebot erfahren?

Dann kommen Sie zu unserem nächsten Kennenlern - Workshop!

Infos hier!

"End of the year Show"

vom MimeCenter Köln:

Samstag, 08. Juli 2017 um 20h00

in den Ehrenfeldstudios in Köln.

Tickets an der Abendkasse:

12€ / 8€ (erm.)

SCHNUPPERWOCHE Mime/Physical Theatre!

1 Woche am Unterricht der Ausbildungsklasse teilnehmen und bei Eignung im Anschluss oder nach Absprache in die Ausbildung einsteigen! Quereinstieg möglich! Infos hier!

Aktuelle Produktion vom

Mimentheater Köln:

"AИDEЯS" -Infos hier!