Location: Cologne

Christopher Street Day and the cathedral – a mismatch? Of course it isn’t! Cologne makes it possible, managing to forge a link between the flair of a large city and the friendly “Veedel” district culture. The Mediacity Cologne is not only called the nordest city of Italy – no – it´s really! Vibrant, unconventional, inspirational and adorable.

In spite of the over one million inhabitants Cologne has something intimate, something familiar. Here you feel quickly at home and secure.

The big university gives Cologne a climate, where young people are quickly able to orientate themselves, find a flat, a job and new friends.

The cultural region is one of the most active in Germany. All year round there take place a lot of art-events in Cologne – e.g. the “long nights” of theatre, museum, music, literature or many festivals (film, dance, comedy, theatre…). The theatre scene gives a big variety – besides the city theatre and city opera there are also existing many small and big private theatre houses. The club- and discoscene makes Cologne even more attractive for young people.


More informations about Cologne you find here at KölnTourismus!



24.06.18 Kennenlern-Workshop /

              Aufnahme - Workshop

02.09.18 Kennenlern-Workshop /

              Aufnahme - Workshop

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4-tägiger Intensiv-Workshop!

16.7. - 19.7.2018

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24th of Juin 2018 + 2nd of September 2018:

"Try and Decide" - Workshop!

Get to know us and our education programm! We will do some bodywork, mime technique and improvisation. Come and join us!

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PHYSICAL STUDIES - Berufsbegleitende Zusatz- qualifikation "Physical Theatre"! Nächster Start: Oktober 2018! Infos hier!



"Physical Theatre" 

(Nächster Start 1.10.2018)


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24.06. + 02.09.18:


Sie sind neugierig? Sie möchten mehr über uns und unser Angebot erfahren?

Dann kommen Sie zu unserem nächsten Kennenlern - Workshop!

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"End of the year Show"

vom MimeCenter Köln:

Samstag, 08. Juli 2017 um 20h00

in den Ehrenfeldstudios in Köln.

Tickets an der Abendkasse:

12€ / 8€ (erm.)

SCHNUPPERWOCHE Mime/Physical Theatre!

1 Woche am Unterricht der Ausbildungsklasse teilnehmen und bei Eignung im Anschluss oder nach Absprache in die Ausbildung einsteigen! Quereinstieg möglich! Infos hier!

Aktuelle Produktion vom

Mimentheater Köln:

"AИDEЯS" -Infos hier!